Are Child Spirits More Active Than Adult Spirits?

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Are Child Spirits More Active Than Adult Spirits?

We’re often asked about the different types of spirits we encounter during investigations. While there are distinct types of spirits who present themselves in a similar manner, all individual spirits are different from one another. Just like here in the physical world, spirits have personalities and characteristics that make them unique. Often we don’t know why spirits seek out communication, but child spirits are a different case. Spirits of children are often the most communicative and active. When interacting with them, there are a few things to keep in mind for your safety and what’s best for the spirit.

How do I know if I’m interacting with a child spirit?

You can usually recognize a child’s spirit by their energy and playfulness. Despite being highly communicative, it often takes time to build trust with these spirits. Much like children in the physical world, they can be shy, afraid, or unsure of who to trust. Once you have established trust with a child spirit, most are very playful and talkative. These spirits don’t connect with just anyone. They will want to establish a trusting relationship first.

What can I expect from a child spirit?

More mischievous child spirits will play. They might move objects, play games of hide and seek, or make sounds. When they do present themselves, they will often present themselves as polished as possible. They want to look presentable, which is often why you might see child spirits in their Sunday best with a neat appearance. Depending on what the child perceives as ‘presentable’ they might be in a special outfit or costume. Some people find this unsettling, but according to many interpretations of interacting with child spirits from paranormal experts around the world, the children want to look their best to make a good impression in hopes of getting help.

What do they want?

Unfortunately, many child spirits are lost or confused. Especially if the death was caused by a traumatic event, the child might not know they are deceased and therefore don’t know what is going on or what they need to do next.

Another reason a child’s spirit could be bound to the physical world is their connection to family or loved ones. When there is overwhelming grief due to their passing, spirits often stay close to watch over them or try to connect with them. When the living can’t get past a death, neither can the spirit according to some paranormal investigators. In some cases, these child spirits stay bound to the grief even when their loved ones pass and move on.

Other children spirits are simply afraid to move on. If their death was accidental where the child was doing something they shouldn’t be doing, they carry guilt and worry that they will get in trouble. These spirits aren’t prepared to move on because they are afraid of what will happen next, much like a child in the physical world might try to hide a mess or deny doing something wrong for fear of getting in trouble.

What Do I Need To Be Careful Of?

We mentioned at the beginning of this blog that you should be very careful when interacting with child spirits. It is human nature to be more sensitive and nurturing with children. Much like seeing a child lost in the supermarket or wandering around on their own, it is our natural instinct to reach out and help the child. The danger comes from spirits and negative energy knowing that weakness we have as humans. Some malicious spirits will present themselves as children to gain trust. It is critical to be careful and not let your guard down too much with any spirit, specifically a child spirit you think might be an imposter spirit.

How common are child spirits?

You might have more experience with child spirits than you think. In general, as people we accept young kids playing with or talking to imaginary friends. Many experts believe that these imaginary friends aren’t imaginary at all. It’s widely accepted that children are more sensitive to spirits than adults and could be interacting with child spirits adults aren’t sensitive to. There are many types of spirits, but children are very communicative, so chances of coming into contact with one are relatively high if you are an active paranormal investigator.

These are just a few points to remember when communicating with children spirits. As with all investigations, be aware that each spirit has a different personality. Protect yourself and the spirits you interact with by staying aware and guarding yourself. Stay tuned to our blog for more tips and paranormal stories! Are you ready to put your paranormal investigation skills to the test? Come out and join us for an upcoming investigation and find out what it’s like to hunt with professional investigators.