Bigfoot: Myth, Man, or Monster?

Bigfoot in the American Midwest

Bigfoot: Myth, Man, or Monster?

“Sasquatch”…..  “Bigfoot”….. superstar of the cryptid world….. that we all know about. The seven-foot, ape-like beast covered in hair is known for stalking the woods of the Pacific Northwest, but where did “Bigfoot” come from, and how has it become so well known, across the world?

The first “Bigfoot” sighting dates back to 1811. The name “Sasquatch” is mentioned in many Native American stories, and in fact, the term “Sasquatch” is Indian for ‘hairy giant’. The first sighting recorded was in Alberta Canada by fur traders, who followed the massive footprints found out in the woods. It is said this footprint was fourteen inches long and eight inches wide, with four toes and a ball-shaped heel. Upon hearing of the traders’ tale of a massive ape-like man, people were skeptical but interested in the story of a monster hiding in the woods, and so the talk of “Bigfoot” began.

A Home in the Pacific Northwest

After the initial encounter in Canada, sightings of the beast have largely been recorded in the Pacific Northwest. About one-third of all such events actually take place in this area of the United States, but many other sightings have been recorded across the country. It isn’t out of the realm of possibility for a creature of that size and power to make its way across the country, out of sight of people, going about their daily routines.

The ‘Patty’ Footage

Throughout history, sightings have continued across the country, with spikes in specific areas. One such event gave us, perhaps the most compelling image of “Bigfoot” we have….. in 1967, from Roger Patterson and Robert ‘Bob’ Gimlin, in Bluff Creek. The grainy video shows a tall man-like being, covered in hair, running through the woods. This video was, and still is, heavily debated for its authenticity. For those who do believe, and for the two men behind the camera, this evidence is enough to solidify “Bigfoot” as a part of our cryptid community, in the United States.

Belief Through the Scientific Community

For as many non-believers there are out there, there are a number of high profile scientists, academics, and researchers who wholeheartedly believe Bigfoot is real, alive, and well in the United States. Renowned ape researcher Jane Goodall is a believer and has been vocal about her unwavering belief that Bigfoot is real. Interestingly, as Goodall points out, there are accounts from every continent of a man-like ape throughout history. These accounts are hard to ignore as you dive into the history and folklore surrounding these cryptids including Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, the Yeti, Tsul ‘Kalu from Cherokee mythology, Mande Barung from east India, and more.

Supporting Sasquatch Evidence

Accounts like these add more fuel to the fire in the argument for and against the belief that Sasquatch is among us. Other artifacts that point to the existence of Bigfoot are the multiple footprint molds collected from the woods and forests across the country. These footprints give us a clear picture of the size of the cryptid and have been analyzed to make further conclusions about Bigfoot.

Bigfoot Today

Today, research continues into the origin of Bigfoot and how to classify this man-like animal. DNA samples, footprints, video footage and more are all being used to find clues into furthering our understanding of our favorite cryptid. In our personal investigation experience, we have heard reports of Bigfoot in the midwest and we are proud to be part of the community seeking out answers and more information on cryptids across the country. Are you a believer? Come join us on the hunt and seek out the truth for yourself!