Cabin on 360: A Painful History

Cabin on 360: A Painful History

While tragic events happen all over the world, very few places on this earth have the sustained history of trauma seen by the land surrounding the Cabin on 360. From Civil War battlegrounds and an overgrown graveyard, to an eerie cabin and mysterious neighboring home, the property contains a variety of truly haunting sites. The history of this place, with death and despair so abundant, makes it the perfect location for Paranormal Dares’ latest investigation. The curious, and the brave, are invited to join professional paranormal investigators for a ghost hunt at the Cabin on 360 on the evenings of Friday, May 10th and Saturday, May 11th.

From 1861 to 1865, Civil War raged in the United States, with the state of Virginia playing host to many battles. At least three of these battles took place on the property where the Cabin on 360 now sits. Historians estimate that 2,200 Civil War soldiers fought here over the course of several skirmishes rife with gruesome wounds, lost limbs, and child-soldiers far from home. The blood of thousands soaks the soil and their final screams of anguish still permeate the air. Walking through the golden fields and verdant woods here, visitors report hearing voices of agony, pleading cries for help, unexplained interference with electronics, and an ominous feeling of evil energy. Sorrowful, tormented, lost, and lonely spirits seem to roam the land, seeking something to soothe their putrid wounds, festering for over a century.

In addition to the ghostly remnants of war, the Cabin on 360 site also holds several other interesting paranormal prospects. Beneath the ground lie the remains of those buried in the Evergreen Cemetery. Overgrown gravestones peek out from behind tangled vines and reports of hair-raising experiences from visitors makes it seem as though those laid to rest here are not resting very much after all. A short walk from the cemetery are a cabin and house which both make visitors shudder with fear after hearing voices and being overcome by a feeling of impending doom.

With so many areas to explore, the Cabin on 360 ghost hunt promises to be an exciting night of seeking out and documenting paranormal activity. On Friday, May 10 and Saturday, May 11 from 8 pm until 2 am, participants will have an opportunity to join hosts Keith Fournier, Jessica Marie Angel, and Erik Knapp for a truly unforgettable event. With paranormal activity detection equipment on hand to aide the investigation, attendees will carry out their own survey of this ghostly ground. Find out for yourself if the harrowing reports of tormented souls audibly crying out are real by joining the Paranormal Dares team for this special night!

Are you ready to walk alone through the dark looking for something you may not want to find? Can you handle hearing disembodied voices calling out your name in the dark, damp, basement of an old house? If you think your courage can get you through the long, chilling night, visit Eventbrite today for full details and ticket purchase information. The number of tickets available for this evening is extremely limited in order to ensure the very best conditions for a fruitful investigation. So, bring your best flashlight, your good luck charms, and nerves of steel for this unique opportunity to take part in a real-life ghost hunt at the Cabin on 360!