Cabin on 360 Press Release

Cabin on 360 Press Release

Professional ghost hunters invite public to investigate notorious property

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Mechanicsville, Virginia, May 11, 2019 — Many visitors to the Cabin on 360 report strange voices in the air and ominous feelings of evil energy. Claims of haunting, ghosts, and malevolent spirits have persisted since thousands of soldiers perished during the Civil War battles that took place on the property. An overgrown graveyard, eerie cabin, and an old house on the same land are also the subjects of chilling tales. Now, the Paranormal Dares team is inviting the public to join in a hands-on investigation of paranormal activity on the site.

On Saturday, May 11 from 8 pm until 2 am, ticket-holders will participate in a live community ghost hunt event utilizing paranormal detection equipment and advice from ghost hunting professionals. In addition to the ghost hunt, attendees will have exclusive access to a meet and greet with Paranormal Dares hosts Keith Fournier, Jessica Marie Angel and Erik Knapp.

“Any site with this many confirmed deaths and traumatic events is likely to hold a high density of paranormal energy,” states Keith Fournier, skilled paranormal investigator and technology specialist.

One of the property’s hotspots is the basement of an old house, where many visitors experience an overwhelming feeling of dread and lost functionality of electronic devices. Within the walls of the cabin itself, some visitors have reported hearing ephemeral voices calling out their names or echoing the words they’ve just spoken.

Jessica, a respected ghost hunter and professional model, is extremely sensitive to spiritual presence. She believes the Cabin on 360 property holds the potential to be crawling with spirits from another realm. “I am especially interested in the presence of child soldiers from the Civil War battles,” Jessica said. “The ghosts of children tend to be extremely active.”

Admission is very limited in order to preserve the intimate atmosphere necessary for the hunt. Full details and tickets for this exclusive event can be found on Eventbrite or at

Keith Fournier encourages paranormal enthusiasts in the area not to miss out on this unique gathering. “Investigations like this don’t happen every day,” he says, “This could truly be a once in a lifetime opportunity.”


The Paranormal Dares team is a group of professional investigators here to lead you on a journey into the paranormal. Backed by years of experience and the most innovative equipment in the industry, this team uncovers mysteries no one else can. If you want a true paranormal investigation experience, let the Paranormal Dares team be your guide for ghost hunts, cryptozoological searches, extraterrestrial investigations and much more.


Keith Fournier and Jessica Marie Angel are a power couple of paranormal investigation. Keith is world-renowned for his success finding previously undiscovered hot spots of paranormal energy and his numerous innovations in paranormal detection technology. Jessica is known as an experienced ghost hunter with a heightened sensitivity to the spirit world. She also has a loyal following as a professional model.

Erik Knapp has over 20 years of experience as a paranormal investigator leading him to create and star in the hit show Hunting The Haunted which followed him on his path of seeking the supernatural.

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