Community Ghost Hunt at Guyer Opera House

Community Ghost Hunt at Guyer Opera House

LEWISVILLE, INDIANA – The brick facade and neatly painted green trim of the Guyer Opera House give the impression of an old-fashioned, welcoming, building that calls visitors inside to enjoy cheerful music and theater. But beyond the front door, an eerie atmosphere takes hold, leaving guests with a feeling of intense unease. For generations, first-hand stories of strange experiences have spread throughout the community, giving this wholesome-looking establishment a reputation for being home to ghosts and other supernatural beings. In an effort to decipher fact from fiction, the Paranormal Dares team is conducting a thorough community ghost hunt of the property and you are invited to participate in this authentic, late-night, ghost hunt!

O.K. Guyer began construction of the Guyer Opera House in 1901, persevering through years of pushback from the townspeople of Lewisville. Unfortunately, Guyer passed away before the venue was completed and never witnessed his dream come to fruition. Perhaps not willing to let go of the project he fought so hard for, many visitors report feeling the presence of his undead spirit keeping watch over the building’s auditorium to this day.

Years after O.K.’s death, strange occurrences continued to manifest in the Guyer Opera House. Many theorize that a massive explosion of the gas stage lighting system may have been caused by spirits making trouble to ensure their presence was known. A funeral home located next to the performance space is also said to be the source of many spirits who meander through the corridors, making mischief. Yet, the most notable haunting is the ghost of Newell Calpha, a young boy tragically killed in the opera house auditorium during a gun demonstration. Shot in the head by accident at the tender age of six, the long-dead boy is said to walk the halls of the building, despondent and filled with sadness, yearning for the years of life he never lived, years stolen from him in an instant.

Shut down in the late 1940s, the joyful noise of performances emanating from Guyer Opera House fell quiet and the building remained empty for 20 years. That is, it remained empty except for the undead, trapped between worlds, and old O.K. Guyer still overseeing his dream project in death. Today, the doors of the opera house are open once again and the building hosts a wide variety of theatrical performances. However, actors and guests frequently report sharp, sourceless, noises, lights turning on and off without explanation, strange growling sounds, objects moving on their own, and a shadowy phantom-like figure in a top hat fleeing from sight.

On May 4 from 7 pm until 1 am, join the Paranormal Dares team to find out what, or who, has taken hold of the Guyer Opera House. You’ll have the opportunity to use paranormal activity detection equipment as you try to track down the spirits of O.K. Guyer, Newell Calpha, and an unknown number of deceased entities from the building’s funeral home, and beyond! Professional ghost hunters, and Paranormal Dares hosts, Keith Fournier, Jessica Marie Angel, and Erik Knapp, will be on hand to instruct you in the specialized ghost hunting techniques they have honed over years of paranormal investigations.

Hunting ghosts takes courage, creativity, and a willingness to wander where others fear to tread. Do you think you have what it takes to be a paranormal investigator? If you think you can handle it, purchase tickets and get all the information you need to join this ghoulish event at Eventbrite. But hurry, because the number of tickets available for this special night is being restricted in order to ensure that sensitive spirits are not spooked by large groups or earthly beings!