EVENT RECAP: Asher Walton House Ghost Hunt with Syfy’s Ghost Hunters

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EVENT RECAP: Asher Walton House Ghost Hunt with Syfy’s Ghost Hunters

October 19-20, 2018  | Atlanta, Indiana

The Asher Walton House Investigation with Syfy’s Ghost Hunters was the first look inside of this historic estate in Atlanta, Indiana. This site is known in the community for strange sounds and unexplained events as reported by previous occupants. One previous owner shared a story of her television turning on without anyone turning it on and staying on for several minutes after being disconnected from power. The home sat empty for many years until recently purchased and opened for exclusive investigations.

The Paranormal Dares Team hosted the first investigation of the home since it being closed to the public for many years. Special investigators Steve Gonsalves, Bruce Tango, and Dave Tango from Syfy’s Ghost Hunters sat down with attendees to share stories from their time on the show, their paranormal experiences, and favorite haunts. The event included a meet and greet with the Syfy celebrities, as well as a full ghost hunt with Dave, Steve, and Bruce. During the event, attendees report hearing footsteps and feeling touched by spirits throughout the evening investigation.

“WE HEARD FOOTSTEPS and I got touched on my shoulder!”

– Steve Toy


Can you knock on the wall?

Did you grow up in Atlanta, Indiana?

Do you like Ed, the new owner?

I am going to count to three…

If you can see us, what do you see?

If you want to come in, can you knock on the door?

Is there anything you would like to say?

To the person who likes to move the curtains…

Try to make a noise at the count of three

Is it okay if we come back tomorrow?

What was your favorite game?