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The Asher Walton has a special place in our hearts. Not only was it the site of our first investigation together as a team, but it also is a location we return to time and time again because of the mystery surrounding this old building. The story means a great deal to us, and to the town of Atlanta, and we love the idea of helping the spirits tell their stories if we can.

Some of our most unnerving investigations have taken place at the Asher Walton House. Local legends are thick with tales of a woman in white who watches from the windows, and disembodied voices in the halls. We’ve captured strange audio of piano-like noises floating through the halls, and we’ve even recorded some footage of sensors going off for reasons we couldn’t explain.

The more we investigate the Asher Walton house, the more mysteries we discover, often leaving us with more questions than answers. We chose this location for the first episode of our online series. See what we were able to capture and lead your own investigation through the home using top of the line equipment. 


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Asher Walton himself was well-loved in the community until the untimely demise of his health. Historical records indicate that he died at 3:00 am, a time that is famously known in the paranormal community as the Witching Hour. Could the strange voices and notes of music be coming from an era when Asher Walton walked the halls of this old mansion?


Julia Walton was the wife of Asher Walton, and many locals believe she may be the infamous woman in white who has been seen in and around the building. We’ve spoken with people who have seen her walking the streets at night, or caught sight of her out of the corner of their eye, only to vanish upon second glance. Julia was a pillar of the community, and mother of several children, one of whom died at a very young age. Many paranormal enthusiasts theorize that either of these circumstances are more than enough cause to keep a spirit anchored to a home like the Asher Walton House.


Apparitions of a woman

Curtains opening and closing

Sudden flashes of cold

Disembodied voices

Sounds of footsteps

Sounds of children running

Strange piano-like notes

The sounds of heavy breathing

Unexplained shadow play


Rooms For Free Roam Investigation


Years of History and tales of hauntings


Hours of Lights-out investigation

of our ghost hunt at the Asher Walton House

The Asher Walton house was humming with excitement this past weekend as the Paranormal Dares team had the premiere party for the first-ever episode of their web series “Hosts”.

Filmed at the Asher Walton House, this episode follows Keith, Jess, and Erik as they investigate the rumors of hauntings using the latest technology in paranormal investigative equipment.

“We had fun filming it, and it was fun showing it to people,” said Keith Fournier of the Paranormal Dares team. “The dynamic of watching the show, and then being able to go investigate the space afterward was really neat. People showed a lot of interest in the rooms where we caught potential activity in the pilot episode.”

Keith also said that guests had the opportunity to use some of the same equipment during the investigation that they were using during the filming of “Hosts”.

“The difference with our investigations is that we will put the equipment in someone’s hand and send them into a quiet area of the house,” Keith said. “One of the guests approached me before they left and told me it was the best investigation they have ever done because of the technology they were able to use… We love hearing that.”

Despite the fact that guests had a lot of the latest technology at their disposal, many people also elected to listen to their own senses to experience the Asher Walton House.

“We had a lot of people who have sensitivities there,” said Jessica Marie Angel of the Paranormal Dares team. “One woman told us felt like she could have been communicating with Julia.”

The woman in question performed an investigation in the area she reported the strongest connection with Julia, and investigative devices had a lot of unexplained activation.

Keith Fournier said that some of the fans came from the back stairwell reporting intense feelings of fear and dread and wondering if historical records reflected any violent activity within the house. During the time in history that the Asher Walton House was constructed, it was common to have a narrow, plain staircase in the back of the home, allowing maids or serving staff to access the upstairs without having to use the grand staircase at the front of the home.

“It’s not the first time people have come to me saying they have a bad feeling in that back stairwell,” Keith said. “It’s not something we know about historically, and we didn’t pick up anything during the night we filmed for ‘Hosts’, but a lot of attendees were coming back from that stairwell saying they had an experience back there.”

“I’ve never loved that back stairwell,” Jess admitted. “There have been a few times when we are prepping for an event that something weird has happened back there. We had a lot of people with a strong sensitivity there that night, and they felt that same way without me telling them about it first.”

Keith, Jess, and Erik want to thank all of the guests who came out to the event. In addition to a few who had never been on a ghost hunt before, Keith said there were a number of guests who were familiar faces.

“This event was one of our favorites so far, because we had a lot of loyal returning guests,” Keith said. “A huge shout out to those fans, because we love investigating with them, they are so much fun.”

If you weren’t able to score a ticket to this event, the Paranormal Dares team invites you to watch “Hosts”, now available to be viewed and shared online.


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