Paracon 2019


January 25-26, 2018  | Manchester, New Hampshire

ParaCon 2019 was one of the biggest conventions for all things paranormal and we had an incredible weekend meeting everyone who attended! With more than 30 professionals in the field in one place, attendees got to meet with some of their favorite paranormal celebrities and come face to face with the most notorious paranormal objects in the country.

We started the weekend off with no fear by welcoming one of the most well-known faces of evil. An Evening with Annabelle, the famous doll from the Ed and Lorraine Warren investigations, was hosted by Warren family member Tony Spera. He shared his years of experience working with the Warrens, recalled the histories of the items contained in their occult museum and shared actual video and audio evidence of exorcisms performed by the couple. Annabelle, of course, was in attendance as well, presumably safely contained in her sealed wooden case. A couple of attendees were suddenly overcome with nausea and abruptly left during the conversation. While there’s no way to know if Annabelle was to blame, they did claim the nausea was greatly relieved once they left the room.


– Beth Aldrich Marzolf

After coming face to face with such a malevolent force, we were all due for some relaxation so we ended with a night of karaoke. It was a great time sharing drinks and paranormal stories with other enthusiasts. Then there was singer, songwriter and American Idol winner Kris Allen who showed up to put us all to shame on the karaoke stage.

Day two of ParaCon kicked off with dozens of vendors and celebrities sharing their stories, investigation equipment, and occult items. The entire convention was buzzing with excitement as people talked with specialists, connected with other investigators, and got up close and personal with historic and legendary items.

As the convention was winding down…we were notified of a severe incident which prevented us from moving to the location of our late night ghost hunt. While we won’t go into detail here, we’re pretty sure Annabelle was involved given her history of causing issues for people on the roadways.

An even better solution came out of this unexpected opportunity and it made ParaCon one of a kind. Celebrities, vendors, and speakers came together and generously donated their time and items for a one of a kind, all things paranormal item investigation. These celebrities and hosts went out of their way to make sure everyone who came had an unforgettable experience. We had a room full of experts and paranormal objects for an unprecedented item investigation. Stay tuned for footage from our investigation!

ParaCon 2019 was a huge success and we want to thank each and every person involved. We had the opportunity to meet incredible people along the way and want to give a special thank you and shout out to our friend Sean Austin. The work he is doing in the paranormal is incredible and we’re looking forward to seeing his new project come together.We also want to thank Tony Spera, Shari DeBenedetti, and Anthony and Deanna Holmes. These are just a few of the people who worked so hard to make ParaCon 2019 such a success. Thank you to everyone and we hope to see you next year!