EVENT RECAP: Return to Asher Walton House

Asher Walton House Event

EVENT RECAP: Return to Asher Walton House

Walking up the steps to the infamous Asher Walton House you can feel the spectral energy of the house before you even step through the door. This along with all of the activity we’ve experienced here is why we returned to investigate the eerie location. This was our second investigation at the Asher Walton and we wanted to give attendees an experience they would never forget. So often ghost ‘investigations’ end up being a walking tour of a haunted location. We wanted to give guests a true paranormal investigation so this event was a much smaller group to give everyone the chance to lead their own investigation.

As guests arrived, they were encouraged to explore the home with the lights on before the investigation got started. We kicked the night off with a meet and greet with our Paranormal Dares investigators and a history of the home. We split the group into two smaller groups, one to investigate upstairs with Paranormal investigator Erik, while the other group joined Keith and Jess downstairs for the first part of the hunt.

It was an active night in the house with banging, knocking, and footsteps. The spirits wanted to be heard. Most of the activity took place upstairs where Erik used a spirit box to connect with spirits. With all the investigating we do, we know the thrill of operating paranormal equipment and capturing ghost activity. We wanted attendees to feel like real investigators, so we opened up the house for a free-for-all hunt during the event. People could grab a piece of equipment, learn how it works and try it out themselves. The Paranormal Dares team was on hand to assist and guests were encouraged to investigate on their own throughout the home.

As the event was winding down, we came together in the parlor to talk about our results and what we picked up with the equipment. Again, we decided to do something a little different. To get a feel for the house, we designated quiet times where everyone sat silently to hear the sounds of the home. We heard knocking and footsteps from upstairs while everyone in the home was on the first floor in the parlor. Each time we investigate the Asher Walton House, we get more activity and the experience is never a dull one. We plan on going back to Atlanta to the Asher Walton House in the future. Are you brave enough to come experience the history and haunts of the Walton House?