Going West: The Story of the Old Phelps Dodge Hospital

Old Haunted Old Phelps Dodge hospital

Going West: The Story of the Old Phelps Dodge Hospital

We’ve been making our way across the country investigating haunted locations and planning our next group of paranormal investigations. Through all our travels, few places have been as creepy and active than the American West. We’re thrilled to be headed back to the west for an unforgettable investigation of a, particularly haunted hospital. This is one location we hadn’t heard of much before we started investigating, but now we can definitely say there is something paranormal lurking in the Old Phelps Dodge Hospital.

Old Phelps Dodge Copper Mine

When we started digging into the history of the Old Phelps Dodge Hospital, it was clear that Ajo, Arizona has a storied past. Ajo, Arizona, where the Old Phelps Dodge Hospital is located, was once a booming mining town. People came from across the country to take advantage of jobs in the mines, and the small town began to grow. With so many men getting injured in the mines, Old Phelps Dodge, the company overseeing the mining work, decided Ajo needed a hospital to treat the sick and dying. While it was initially built specifically for the mines across the street, the hospital actually had more children as patients than miners. At the time, there were no vaccinations for young children and many of them fell ill. Sadly, the mortality rate for these children was high and there was little anyone could do for them. As time went on, families in Ajo started to see the impact the mine was having on their loved ones and started to move their families away from the mine and the sadness that surrounds Ajo.

It seems that people don’t typically stay in Ajo long now, and what was once a bustling city with a strong workforce is little more than a town of abandoned buildings around a gaping hole in the earth.

Old Phelps Dodge Open Copper Mine

A Haunted Hospital with Child Spirits

With so many deaths and difficulties in Ajo, it is no surprise it is a hotbed of activity now for paranormal investigators to explore. We focused on the hospital because of the sad history surrounding the building. Stories tell of hearing children crying out for their mothers while no one is there. Others say they can hear adults screaming in pain. But these stories don’t chill to the bone the way the story of the current, and only, resident of the hospital does.

The man who now calls the hospital home has had many experiences he can’t quite explain. One thing is certain in his mind though, he is not alone in the Old Phelps Dodge Hospital. On many occasions, he is startled awake in the middle of the night, feeling hands tighten their grip around his throat. As soon as he is fully awake, the hands are gone and he is once again alone in his living quarters in the hospital. It’s hard to say what the spirits actually want, but they don’t seem to appreciate visitors in their sacred space.

Stories from the Southwest

The city of Ajo is just a few miles north of the border to Mexico. The dry, barren earth is a beautiful backdrop for those brave enough to call the town home. While we were preparing to go visit the Old Phelps Dodge Hospital, we heard stories of people seeing La Llorona. In Latin American folklore, La Llorona (the weeping woman) is the ghost of a woman who drowned her children. Stricken with grief, now she cries while looking for them. It’s said that if you come into contact with her, you will be met with misfortune. The lore around La Llorona varies by location and local stories, but all accounts of seeing or hearing her end in tragedy.

Artist rendering of La Llorena

There is more than enough history here to make this one of our most active investigations yet, and the hospital has plenty of space and rooms to explore. Are you brave enough to come to see Ajo, Arizona, risk seeing the infamous La Llorona, and getting close and personal to the spirits who protect their home at the hospital? If you think you have what it takes, we dare you to join us for our first investigation of the Old Phelps Dodge Hospital.