Guyer Opera House Press Release

Guyer Opera House Press Release


Historic building to be site of public investigation into paranormal activity

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Lewisville, Indiana, May 4, 2019 — The historic Guyer Opera House, constructed in 1901, was first rumored to be haunted when its founder, O.K. Guyer, passed away before the building’s completion and, according to witnesses, continued to oversee the building in death. This and many other stories of strange phenomenon prompted Paranormal Dares to choose the Guyer for their latest public investigation. Aspiring ghost hunters are invited to join the Paranormal Dares ghost hunting team for a night they will never forget!

Professional paranormal investigator, Keith Fournier, is already preparing for the hunt. He says, “Some great paranormal detection technology has been developed in recent years and I’ll be bringing a few devices that I think will really accelerate the investigation of the opera house.”

On Saturday, May 4 from 7 pm until 1 am, Paranormal Dares hosts Jessica Marie Angel, Keith Fournier, and Erik Knapp will bring decades of ghost hunting experience to Lewisville.

“From what I’ve heard about the Guyer, it promises to be a real highlight of this year’s investigations,” states Erik, echoing Keith’s enthusiasm.

Sharing specialized techniques and professional detection equipment, the hosts will assist attendees in tracking paranormal activity throughout the Guyer Opera House. In addition, ticket-holders will have exclusive access to a Q&A and autograph session with Jessica, Keith, and Erik.

The terrifying events previously witnessed at the opera house include lights turning on and off by themselves, growling sounds, strange noises emanating from the walls, and doors closing on their own. Visitors also attest to seeing the ghost of a young boy, killed during a tragic accident in the 1920s, wandering the opera house. Now the public has an opportunity to find out what is truly behind these strange reported sightings!

Tickets are extremely limited to ensure the best possible conditions for detecting paranormal energy. Full details and tickets for this special night can be found on Eventbrite or at

Attendees must be ready to walk dark hallways, and must be prepared in the event that they might encounter untold terrors. This night is only for the brave-hearted, the curious, and those unafraid of hearing and seeing the unexplainable.


The Paranormal Dares team is a group of professional investigators here to lead you on a journey into the paranormal. Backed by years of experience and the most innovative equipment in the industry, this team uncovers mysteries no one else can. If you want a true paranormal investigation experience, let the Paranormal Dares team be your guide for ghost hunts, cryptozoological searches, extraterrestrial investigations and much more.


Keith Fournier and Jessica Marie Angel are a power couple of paranormal investigation. Keith is world-renowned for his success finding previously undiscovered hot spots of paranormal energy and his numerous innovations in paranormal detection technology. Jessica is known as an experienced ghost hunter with a heightened sensitivity to the spirit world. She also has a loyal following as a professional model.

Erik Knapp has over 20 years of experience as a paranormal investigator leading him to create and star in the hit show Hunting The Haunted which followed him on his path of seeking the supernatural.

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