Haunted Hotels of the Wild West

Western Train headed through ghost town

Haunted Hotels of the Wild West

Alright, cowboys and cowgirls, grab your best pair of boots, your hat, and chaps, we’re headed to the wild west! Shootouts, brothels, bars, the list goes on. We don’t call it the ‘wild’ West for no reason. The events that took place within America’s West ranged from wild to downright grotesque. This time in American history saw a wide variety of atrocities across the country. So what does that mean for us today?

Many people believe the American West is a hotbed of paranormal activity, home to wayward spirits looking for answers or justice for their untimely demise. Others report spirits hanging around their favorite saloons or places they used to visit to blow off some steam and enjoy nights of revelry. As global Paranormal Investigators, we have long been intrigued by the spirits and stories of the American West. There are a number of locations we have visited throughout our travels, but in today’s blog post, we want to share some of our favorite locations and stories from the Wild West. Do you have a haunted location in the West? We would love to hear from you and we might just add it to our list of locations to investigate.

Cody, Wyoming – The Irma Hotel

Cody WY Irma Hotel

The Irma Hotel, located in beautiful Cody, Wyoming, is an incredible destination for its history, proximity to Yellowstone National Park, and for those of us interested in the paranormal, an active hub of paranormal experiences. Cody, Wyoming is home to one of the most popular hotels in the American West – the Irma Hotel. Built by Buffalo Bill in 1902 for his daughter Irma, the hotel is a gem in the dusty Wyoming town. The historic rooms within the hotel were once stopping places to some of the most famous names in the historical American West. Frederic Remington, Annie Oakley, and Calamity Jane are just a few of the guests the hotel welcomed throughout its history. It is said that Bill and his daughter Irma are frequent guests at the hotel and keep a watchful eye over their beloved hotel.

Jerome, Arizona – The Jerome Grand Hotel

Jerome, AZ, was a copper-mining town with a paranormal reputation that dates back to the Wild West. Legend has it that ghostly residents from mining accidents and gunfights still wander the streets of Jerome. One particularly active spirit is said to belong to Sammie Dean. Sammie Dean was a prostitute at the time and was said to be strangled by a customer during an evening of work. Residents say her spirit still lingers and many claim to have seen a beautifully dressed woman roaming the alleys looking for her killer. Another story from this quaint town comes from the town’s community center referred to by locals as ‘Spook Hall’. The town was known for its large population of ‘working women’ many of whom died at the hands of their clients. Spook Hall is said to be the site of many lost souls wandering the location looking for their killers.

Bisbee, Arizona – Copper Queen Hotel

According to investigators, the Copper Queen Hotel is home to not one spirit, but three! People report experiences with three distinct spirits known for their specific characteristics and traits. An older gentleman is known to carry the scent of cigars when he is around and often appears in the doorway of rooms on the fourth floor.

The most active, and well-known spirit is of a woman guessed to be in her thirties who goes by the name Julia Lowell. Like many female spirits we hear about from the days of the wild west, her life was difficult, to say the least. She was a known prostitute in the area until she fell in love with one of her clients. When she expressed her love to the man, he rejected her advances. In a fit of despair, it is said she took her own life in the hotel. Many guests report seeing her dancing in the hall and some have even experienced her whispering in their ear.

The third spirit is said to be that of a young boy. After tragically drowning in the San Pedro River, it is speculated that his spirit resides at the hotel because of the many family members of his who worked in the hotel. Guests have seen objects move and hear giggling and laughing in the hallways.

Flagstaff, Arizona – Hotel Monte Vista

The Hotel Monte Vista has a long history of haunting. Most notably is a young bellboy who is said to knock on the door of room 210 and call out ‘room service’. Is this the spirit of an employee who never moved on? It’s hard to say, but many guests report hearing and even seeing spirits in the halls during their stay. On a special occasion, John Wayne came to stay in the hotel during the early 1950s and he also reported seeing spirits in the hotel. Other stories from the hotel include a bank robbery gone wrong, resulting in one of the robbers dying from a gunshot wound as he enjoyed his last drink in the lounge. Many women of the night have also been spotted roaming the hotel. These are just a few of the stories from a long history of haunting.

Spirits can be found anywhere in the world, but places like these with rich history offer a different look into the world of the paranormal. We’re thrilled to be scouring the United States for some of the most haunted locations, and we’re looking forward to heading west soon! Stay up to date with our events page to see when tickets go on sale for upcoming investigations. Do you have a location in the west you would love to investigate? Let us know, we might choose your location and treat you to the full Paranormal Dares VIP treatment!