Have You Seen A Ghost? Common Types of Ghosts and Spirits

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Have You Seen A Ghost? Common Types of Ghosts and Spirits

Unexplained footsteps, moving objects, and disembodied voices. Strange coincidences or spirit presence? A lot of people are quick to explain away out of the ordinary sights and experiences, but those tuned in to the paranormal know that these are typical signs of spirit presence. Not all ghosts are the same and they present themselves in different ways in certain situations. The common types of ghosts below will give you a better idea of if, and what you’ve witnessed during a paranormal event.


These ghosts repeatedly do the same action, make the same noise, in the same location. These ghosts don’t realize you’re even there. This is a playback of a past event, they are recording a past event from their life. Many of these residual hauntings are a result of an event or series of events significant to the person at the time. Research suggests that this type of haunting also happens in places of repeated action. If the spirit regularly did the same thing, at the same time, in the same place, this could be the reasoning for the repeated activity. This spirit will not interact with people.



This type of ghost is a deceased human often known to the observer, though in some situations it can appear to a complete stranger. They are intelligent, self-aware, and they interact with the physical world. Observations can be visual or auditory and they can touch objects and people. These ghosts can also produce smells in some situations. These scents would be something personal to the ghost from their

time in the physical world.

It’s important to note that these spirits also experience emotions, just like humans. They can be playful, happy, sad, angry, and fearful depending on the situation. This variety makes encounters with interactive ghosts more impactful for the observer.

Crisis apparitions

They appear to particular people. Both the witness and time are crucial for seeing these specific types of apparitions. This spirit is typically known to the person. These sightings are not as common as the two previously discussed, but can appear to those in crisis or to those the spirit was sending energy to in times of crisis. These are solid in appearance and often surrounded in a soft glow. This can be a goodbye from a loved one, reassurance, or other messages to those who need them. Many researchers believe this transfer of energy takes place for short periods of time and can sometimes happen in the category of delayed crisis apparition where the sighting takes place after the time of the crisis.

Spirit Attachment

In some rare situations, spirits can attach themselves to a living human. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but some reasons are more common than others. Some spirits attach themselves to a person to re-live the physical experience of life. Others are simply confused and aren’t aware they are deceased. Attachment is different than possession. Possession limits your active free will, and the spirit takes control of your physical capabilities. Spirit attachment is simply an occurrence where the spirit tags along with the physical experience of the living.

When investigating the paranormal, you never know what, or who, you’ll find. Spirits can manifest themselves in many ways and for many reasons. When a paranormal event takes place, know what to look for to correctly identify a paranormal spirit. Inexplicable noises, change in temperature, objects moving independently, smells, and other unexplained visuals are common indicators of spirit activity. Specialized investigation equipment supports paranormal investigations. If you dare to investigate the paranormal and want the chance to experience a potential spirit sighting, join us for one of our upcoming paranormal investigative events. Have a paranormal experience with any of these types of ghosts? Dare us to come visit your haunted hotspot. Share with us on social media and we might just come investigate the site ourselves.

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