How to Make the Most of a Paranormal Investigation

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How to Make the Most of a Paranormal Investigation

Picture yourself driving down a dirt road at night, surrounded by rows of dense woods and only the light of the moon in the sky. The air is cool and crisp, and you’re driving out to a location known for inexplicable happenings. For a lot of people, these adventures are a staple of teenage years. Often, these adventures are a great night out with friends but rarely amount to an evening full of paranormal activity.

We like to think of paranormal investigations like other activity searching for things rarely seen by the naked eye, like searching the night sky for a shooting star. You could spend hours sitting outside, hoping to see one streak across the sky, but with the right guide and the right equipment, your chances of seeing one are much higher. Seeking the paranormal is a lot like stargazing, in that with the right guides, looking in the right places, with the right equipment, you’re much more likely to find what you’re looking for. Use these tips and learn how to make the most of a paranormal investigation. 

Bring A Guide

As paranormal investigators, we open up the lesser-known world of the paranormal to people who haven’t experienced activity before. We don’t just open the doors to an active site and hope people find something on their own. We act as guides to pull back the curtain and give people the best chance of experiencing something they have never experienced before. A big misconception in investigating haunted locations is that paranormal investigators walk into a house, hotel, or asylum that people have deemed active and hope for the best for the people who come along. Investigators do a lot of preparation to guide paranormal seekers and help them see what we are fortunate to see in our investigations across the United States and the world.

Choose The Right Location

The next thing needed for a successful investigation is the right location. We don’t rely on sites that have been investigated hundreds if not thousands of times. Of course, there are some legendary places we love to visit and investigate, but there is something about the thrill of a place lesser known than the big attractions many people are familiar with. You probably know someone in your family, or maybe you yourself have a story of an unexplained experience in a home or site. These are among some of our favorite places to investigate because few people have been to these locations and there is no expectation for what lies inside.

Before we put together an event, we do an investigation of the place to check for a few things. First, we look for activity with our equipment and experienced team to make sure this is a place with activity. Second, we investigate to make sure the site has not been tampered with in any way. Unfortunately, there are cases of sites fixed to fabricate paranormal activity. We search locations to make sure this is not the case before bringing enthusiasts with us to a location. We take investigation very seriously and know there are paranormal spirits to be found. Not every investigation results in activity, but that is all part of the hunt.

Bring the Right Equipment

Paranormal activity is sometimes picked up with our natural senses, powerful spirits might reveal themselves with sounds, visualizations, temperature control and other signs we can distinguish with our five senses. There is, however, another level to paranormal investigation and top-of-the-line equipment helps us read these communications. You might be familiar with EVP readers, known for picking up Electronic Voice Phenomenon. These are among the most popular tools for paranormal investigations. These sensitive recorders pick up static or background sounds associated with spirits communicating beyond sounds we as humans can register. Cameras, EMF readers, and other audio recorders are just a few of the tools we use. This equipment helps us give you a closer look at what we’re searching for and brings you closer to the paranormal, a lot like a telescope giving you a closer look at the stars, planets, and galaxies far beyond what our eyes can see.

Benefit From Professional Knowledge

Finally, one of the best benefits of investigating with a professional paranormal investigation team is the wealth of knowledge they bring. When you come to an event, we don’t just walk you through the site and let you explore with equipment, we teach you how the equipment works, the history of the site, and how to determine the type of spirit active in a site. Our job and the overall goal is to guide you through a paranormal site, give you the tools and expertise to be an active part of the investigation and pass on our knowledge to help you take a closer look at the things most people don’t, or can’t see.

Are you interested in the paranormal? Are you brave enough to join us on our next dare? See what events we have coming up and join us for an experience you’ll never forget.