Is St. Albans Sanatorium the Most Haunted Place in the East?

Is St. Albans Sanatorium the Most Haunted Place in the East?

Have you ever had your hair stand on end out of nowhere or heard strange noises in the night? Could these sensations be caused by spirits walking this world from beyond the grave? Now, you have a chance to find out! Walk side by side with experts from Paranormal Dares for a night of seeking answers to these abnormal experiences as you take part in a late-night ghost hunt at St. Albans Sanatorium!

School Hazing

Saint Albans Sanatorium originally opened its doors as a Lutheran School for boys in 1892. A new school with high hopes of bringing up strong and intelligent young men, the hallways of this highly competitive academy were filled with the uninhibited laughter of jokes between schoolmates. But inside the tidy brick building, painful cries of bullying and cruel hazing rituals could also be heard. It is said that the school’s faculty turned a blind eye to the abuse, sometimes even encouraging it. The smallest boys fared the worst, with teachers insisting that the physical and psychological torture would toughen them up as they grew into men. The school’s rough reputation, along with the dark and dreary experiences of its pupils, ended 21 years later as the doors closed and its halls fell quiet.

Sanatorium For The Mentally Ill

Five years later, the sounds of boyhood were replaced by the confused, scared, and angry shrieks of the mentally ill when the building reopened as a sanatorium. Patients were tied to beds, put in solitary confinement, shackled, and subjected to now unthinkably cruel medical treatments. Death, disease, suicide, and despair filled the lives of those who lived here. What was meant to be a refuge of peace and healing was instead a building filled with tragedy, melancholy, and, at times, rage. These extreme emotions and tragic events still permeate the walls of St. Albans, which is now completely abandoned…or is it? Carrying the stories, and the souls, of its former inhabitants, the corridors echo with spine-tingling silence. From angry schoolboys subjected to archaic corporal punishment, to the mentally ill, lost in their own minds, still seeking a way out, St. Albans could, indeed, still be occupied. Those walking the grounds of St. Albans today report shadowy human figures, strange noises, drastic temperature fluctuations, and even objects moving on their own, levitating in space.

Exploring the Sanitorium Now

Now, you have the opportunity to conduct your very own late-night investigation of the haunted passageways of St. Albans Sanatorium. Join the Paranormal Dares team on Saturday, May 25 from 8:00 pm until 2:00 am for a fresh look into the paranormal presence that occupies each dark corner and crumbling wall. Go room to room with celebrity hosts Keith, Jess, and Erik seeking answers to the stories of spirits. Wander the sanatorium using proven ghost hunting methods and paranormal activity detection equipment available to you during the event. Consult with professional paranormal investigators to hone your skills and find out what, or who, is truly haunting St. Albans. Bring your flashlight, a camera, any ghost hunting equipment you have, and the courage to step into the unknown.

Admission to this special event is extremely limited to ensure only the very best conditions for a successful ghost hunt. To purchase tickets and get all the ghastly details for the night, visit Eventbrite today. So, gather a team of trusted friends to join Paranormal Dares for a night that will haunt you forever. But remember, choose your team members wisely, because you never know what you might find spending eternity within the walls of St. Albans Sanatorium…