Old Phelps Dodge Ghost Hunt with Paranormal Dares

Ajo, Arizona Old Phelps Dodge Hospital

Old Phelps Dodge Ghost Hunt with Paranormal Dares

AJO, ARIZONA – Thousands of people tune in to ghost hunt shows every week across the country. People are drawn to the possibility of spirits left behind, hiding in plain sight. Instead of watching ghost hunts on TV, the Paranormal Dares team is bringing ghost hunts to cities across the country for people to hunt for spirits themselves through live, ghost hunting events.  The Paranormal Dares team chose The Old Phelps Dodge Hospital in Ajo, Arizona to bring their next live ghost hunt experience to fans and the curious. Long known in the paranormal community, the stories that surround Ajo and the Old Phelps Dodge mine are cryptic, mystifying, and intriguing. From legends of La Llorona wandering the desert weeping for her lost children to stories of deceased mineworkers haunting the halls of the Old Phelps Dodge Hospital, it’s clear that Ajo, Arizona is full of ghosts and wandering spirits.

Paranormal Dares is coming to investigate the renown Phelps Dodge hospital to see what spirits remain. The team brings decades of experience and stories that will chill you to the bone from their time exploring the world of the paranormal. Armed with the best equipment available, the Paranormal Dares team is welcoming all thrill seekers, or people with a thirst for exploring the unknown, to take part in a professionally-led ghost hunt.

Attendees will meet with the Paranormal Dares celebrity investigators team and special guests Jay and Maria Yates, long time paranormal investigators. Equipment will be available for people to conduct their own investigations and find out what truly resides at the Old Phelps Dodge Hospital.

The investigation will take place from 7:00 p.m. –  2:00 a.m. on Saturday, April 13 at the Old Phelps Dodge Hospital. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own investigation equipment or use the equipment provided to search the 29,000 square foot hospital. The Paranormal Dares team will lead attendees through the hospital and assist them with using the equipment. Then attendees will be able to explore the hospital on their own or with the help of the Paranormal Dares team. The Paranormal Dares team is looking forward to their first visit to Ajo, Arizona, and the Old Phelps Dodge Hospital. For more information and to get tickets, you can visit paranormaldares.com or the Eventbrite page for the event.