FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — The Paranormal Dares team will be conducting a ghost hunt at Malvern Manor on August 10, 2019 from 8 pm – 2 am.  

This building, a longstanding source of local legend in Malvern, has served many purposes through the years. In the mid-1900s, it served as the personal residence to the Gibson family. This family did not fit the traditional mold at that time because T.D. Gibson and his wife took in the children of relatives who were deemed to be unfit to raise children. 

After living in the Gibson household for a time, the youngest Gibson girl, Inez, ultimately committed suicide for reasons that are a source of much speculation. A newspaper clip from the time indicates stress from school as the potential cause.

“Whenever something tragic like that happens in a place, historical records are usually only part of the story,” said Keith Fournier of the Paranormal Dares team. “I think that’s what makes people so curious about Malvern… people want to know the rest of the story.”

Inez’s death is not the only hardship this building has seen. In the years after private ownership, the house was repurposed as a nursing home. 

“We hear a lot of rumors about nursing home facilities being haunted in our line of work,” said Jessica Marie Angel of the Paranormal Dares team. “Of course, in that space, back in the day, quality of care was not monitored the way it is now, so that’s one concern. Even beyond that, the nature of a nursing facility is to care for the elderly or people who are very sick, so surely there were times of sadness there… it gets people talking.”

Despite the rumors of haunting, the Paranormal Dares team likes to visit venues with an open mind. 

“When we do our preliminary research on locations, we don’t just select any old building with rumors of haunting,” Keith explained.  “We want to find really interesting places, with stories that move people, and those are the places we love. Malvern Manor is exactly the type of place we get really excited to investigate.”

The Paranormal Dares team is also excited to reconnect with fans after the recent success of the premiere party for their episode of “Hosts”.

“The first episode of Hosts was so much fun in every possible way,” Jess said. “Filming was fun and completely crazy, and putting it out there in the world has been so much fun.” The episode is available online at

“Our followers got to see us use a lot of paranormal investigative equipment during Hosts,” Erik said. “If people are interested in trying some of those pieces of technology, they should come join us. There will be a lot of opportunity to explore the technology, and people will have the chance to try our paranormal investigative equipment for themselves.”

Tickets for this event are limited, but are available at



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Keith Fournier and Jessica Marie Angel are a power couple of paranormal investigation. Keith is world-renowned for his success finding previously undiscovered hot spots of paranormal energy and his numerous innovations in paranormal detection technology. Jessica is known as an experienced ghost hunter with a heightened sensitivity to the spirit world. She also has a loyal following as a professional model.

Erik Knapp has over 20 years of experience as a paranormal investigator leading him to create and star in the hit show Hunting The Haunted which followed him on his path of seeking the supernatural.

Keith, Jess, and Erik have just launched their first-ever online episode called Hosts, a series that will follow the team as they investigate haunted locations all over the globe.


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