Explore some of the tools we use during investigations and join us to use equipment like this and much more in a live ghost hunt!


Sensors help us detect movement invisible to the naked eye and help to identify if any movement is present during the investigation. There are a wide variety of sensors available for use in investigations with features like motion detected alerts (great for hunting in large areas) and location detection technology to see which area of the room the motion is being sensed. For most investigators, hunting takes place at night or in a dark, old building. This makes sensors an essential tool in the ghost hunter toolkit for picking up on things we might not be able to see!


All paranormal investigators, seasoned vets and new hunters alike know how valuable a camera is for gathering information. Cameras also come in a variety of styles with added features to make hunting easier for you or your team. Some include night vision capabilities and easy uploading or sharing options. Whatever your choice, you want something you can rely on if that once in a lifetime picture opportunity happens during an investigation. You might choose different cameras for specific locations. Based on the environment, your team, and what you’re looking for, your camera will help you during your investigation and when reviewing the investigation the next day.

Audio Devices

Audio devices are great for recording whole sessions to revisit after the investigation and helpful to have on hand at all times. You might not hear something at a low volume while moving through a building, so going back to the recording later might reveal something you missed. Many devices give you options for calibration, sound levels, and more to thoroughly review your investigation. Depending on what you need, you can choose sensitive microphones that will pick up a whisper, or long-distance recorders that will pick up sounds across the room. Fit an audio device to your style and needs during a ghost hunt.


Lighting has come a long way in technological advances, especially for the paranormal investigation field. Grids, night vision, and video lighting are just a few pieces of lighting equipment that come in handy during an investigation. Again, the tools you add to your kit will depend on how you investigate and what you need. Other popular features like wide angle infrared light, dual infrared, or night vision video light can be great tools for most investigations. You can test these light tools and more during an investigation with the Paranormal Dares team to see what you like and what would be the best equipment for your personal kit.

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