Paranormal Investigation Starter Kit

Abandoned building ready for investigation

Paranormal Investigation Starter Kit

Anyone can walk into an abandoned house, take a look around and call themselves a paranormal investigator. But for those of us serious about learning more about the paranormal world, it takes a lot more than that to investigate, research, and ultimately document paranormal activity. There is a lot to be said about investigating spirits with the five human senses, but if you’re looking to take an even closer look at the paranormal world, tools and technology are extremely helpful in tracking and recording paranormal activity.

We put together a list of some of our favorite investigation equipment we, like many other professional investigators, use during investigations. This guide will help you build your own investigation kit to see deeper into the word of paranormal activity.

EMF Meter

The EMF meter is one of the most popular and recognizable pieces of equipment for paranormal investigation. The EMF meter detects fields emitted by moving electrically charged objects. When conducting an investigation, use this device to take baseline environmental measurements. Throughout the investigation, watch for changes in the environmental data that could be linked with paranormal activity. Professional ghost hunters swear by the inclusion of an EMF meter in their toolkits.

EVP Recorder

EVP or electronic voice phenomena is the recording of voices from an unknown source, often spirits or paranormal. EVP recorders are recording devices used in a paranormal investigation to capture voices for further evaluation. These are especially useful for research after an investigation. You can turn the volume up, clear ambient noise and listen for voices on the recording you might have missed during an investigation. While investigating, ask direct questions, allow the spirit time to respond, and have limited conversations with fellow investigators. Often, spirits will respond to or comment on conversations taking place in their presence.


Okay, not the most cutting edge of the tools we use in a paranormal investigation, but the humble flashlight is critical for navigating through sites, finding hidden rooms that give clues to its history, and most importantly, not falling while navigating through the dark. Invest in a flashlight that will last through the entire investigation, has a far beam reach, and is easy to carry throughout the investigation. Your flashlight is critical to the investigation, so spending a few extra dollars for quality goes a long way for this tool that can make or break your investigation.

Bonus: DO NOT forget extra batteries. Any investigator worth their salt has backup batteries wherever they go. You don’t want to find yourself in a paranormal experience without the power you need to record and reflect on your findings later. Stock up at bulk supplies store and never leave for an investigation without backups.

Gear Case

Throughout this article, we’ve outlined a lot of tools to take with you as you investigate the paranormal phenomenon, so it goes without saying you need a convenient and damage-proof case for moving your equipment from point A to point B. Your paranormal hunting gear is best protected with a case to carry everything you need and more in one place. We can’t overstate how devastating it is to get to a highly anticipated investigation to find equipment lost or damaged.


When your heartbeat starts to increase and the anticipation for what you might find during an investigation mounts, hands get shaky and juggling multiple pieces of equipment is challenging. Not to mention detrimental to the quality of your results. A tripod is a common tool of the trade, and one many investigators depend on to catch the entire investigation from a vantage point missed by hand-held cameras. This provides a steady, even shot of the location and often picks up on sounds and sights missed in the initial investigation. Connect a tripod to your camera, begin your investigation and let the footage roll.


Elusive spirits are hard to describe and even harder to capture. Your camera might be one of the most important pieces of equipment you bring with you to document your contribution to the paranormal community and share information. The quality of your camera is up to you, but we recommend going with a high-quality camera with extended battery life. You also want to look for cameras with night-vision capabilities. If you choose to put your own kit together, think hard about the type of camera you want with you when capturing your investigation. It could be the difference between capturing the paranormal no one can deny or leaving with video quality skeptics can brush aside.

Audio Recorder

Spirits and paranormal entities communicate with the physical world largely through auditory communications. The audio recorder is likely one of the first pieces of equipment you will purchase when building your kit, and with good reason. Audio devices ensure you can replay what you heard and go through the data and evidence thoroughly after the investigation has concluded. These recordings hold the answers to some of the most intriguing questions we ask in investigations – what are the spirits trying to communicate?

Motion Detector

The naked eye is not the best equipped to manage the dark and for those who have been on an investigation, you know the feeling of sensing motion or spirits without definitively being able to record it as such. Motion detectors will solidify your instincts, but also serve as a monitoring system for large investigation sites. With top of the line tools, you can detect when you’re getting close to a spirit, and motion detection technology alerts the investigator of sources of movement or change. This is a great indicator of presence in a site, so while you’re building your investigation kit, seriously consider adding this to your arsenal, especially if you’re working with a small team in a large space.

Infrared Thermometer

Studies show significant temperature changes in the presence of the paranormal, specifically spirits. These variations in temperature are often felt by investigators when the changes are drastic, but small variations can be missed by even the most seasoned team. An infrared thermometer helps gauge these variations while giving data points to the source of the temperature. You will be able to see and track body heat, temperature changes and other variances that could hold big answers to the questions surrounding a site or spirit.

Logbook and pen

You can’t go wrong with the tried and true logbook and pen. Sure, it might seem dated with the other advanced technology outlined here, but logging an investigation captures the fine details of the experience that don’t always translate through video. Record the time of any significant event, describe odors, temperature, feelings, sounds, and anything else you pick up on during an investigation. For many professional investigators, this is the information that serves as an outline for the events of the investigation. Cross-referencing your notes with audio and video recording gives a clearer picture of what was going on at the time of a significant occurrence. If pen and paper aren’t for you, consider using your audio recording device as an audio journal to reflect on after the investigation for hints into the complexities of the data you compile.

Whatever your style, equipment of choice, or investigation methods, we’d love to see you out investigating. Share your pictures of your own kit and the technology you like using during an investigation! Get started with the staples and continue to build as you search more places. Or, join us for a paranormal investigation and use our professional equipment through the investigation process. Happy hunting!