Sanitariums: Where Unsettled Spirits Might Roam

Sanitariums: Where Unsettled Spirits Might Roam

Why do some people believe that spirits get stuck between the world of the living and the world of the dead, taunting the living and haunting dark corners? Often, it is said that these unsettled spirits experienced severe trauma in life or die with unfinished business that simply could not be resolved. These circumstances make sanitariums the picture perfect location for haunting and the setting for many chilling tales of paranormal activity.

Sanitariums have long served as treatment centers for the mentally or chronically ill. In the early days of treating patients with ongoing issues, misunderstanding of the nature and manifestation of chronic suffering from illness often resulted in treatments that would be considered barbaric by modern standards. Patients were subjected to the cruelest of “treatments”.

Isolation. Barbaric brain surgeries. Induced comas. Bloodletting. Electric battery baths. The list goes on.

These traumatic experiences sometimes worsened patients’ conditions, leading to violence against staff, other patients, and themselves. In addition, many residents were involuntarily committed and held against their will, leading to years of feeling trapped and confined, a feeling so routine that perhaps even in death they could not escape. At one of our upcoming investigations at Wildwood Sanitarium, the doctor who owned the facility placed a bounty to get patients in the door, according to local historical records. This terrifying recruitment tactic yielded a reward for bounty hunters of more than $400 by modern day standards.

Does such a tortured existence set the stage for patients to remain after death, haunting the halls of the buildings they lived in?

Tales of haunted sanitariums and treatment centers abound in every corner of the world. Across the globe, sanitariums, whether abandoned or still functioning, are filled with stories of doors opening and closing untouched, lights flickering, and eerie voices screaming in empty rooms. Witness accounts tell of objects flying through space, seemingly thrown, and shadowy figures quietly observing or quickly moving through corridors. Whether simply lost and lingering, or seeking revenge for the injustices lobbied against them, the spirits, unsettled, stuck, and seeking resolution, roam these institutions with unusual frequency. Sanitariums are truly notorious in the paranormal community for alleged hauntings and rumors of high levels of paranormal activity, making them ideal locations for ghost hunts.

Consistently seeking the very best locations for new investigations, Paranormal Dares is always excited by the opportunity to conduct public ghost hunts within the walls of sanitariums. We’d like to invite you to an exclusive ghost hunt at Wildwood Sanitarium on Saturday, June 8, from 8:00 pm until 1:30 am.

You and your most courageous group of friends and family are invited to join Paranormal Dares hosts, and professional ghost hunters, Keith, Jess, and Erik as they go room to room through the institution seeking evidence of unsettled spirits and former sanatorium residents. Paranormal investigative equipment utilizing the latest technological developments will be made available during the event and time-tested ghost hunting methods will be shared with all participants. Admission to this late night event is limited to maintain optimal conditions for an exciting ghost hunt.