Seven Cryptids in the American Midwest

Cryptids of the American midwest lurking in the woods

Seven Cryptids in the American Midwest

The Midwest is full of the unknown and mysterious. With thick woods, deep lakes, and plenty of wide open space, no one really knows what’s lurking just beyond sight. While we go about our business – traveling to work and school and meeting friends, these cryptids lurk in the shadows, just waiting to be found by those brave enough to look.

Cryptids across the country vary based on their environment and surroundings. Water-dwelling cryptids often have skin similar to that of an amphibian or reptile. Land dwellers in the midwest or colder parts of the world often have thick hair and natural defenses against the elements. We’ve been traveling all across the midwest, looking for new paranormal locations or elusive cryptids. The following eight cryptids are on our list for being the most well-known or dangerous you can encounter in the midwest.

  1. Beast of Bray Road (Wisconsin): a bear/wolf-like humanoid.

The Beast of Bray Road is somewhat similar to descriptions of Bigfoot. The beast stands on two legs and those who have sighted it claim it looks like a hybrid between a bear and werewolf. One unnerving experience comes from a woman who was stopped while traveling down a dark country road after hitting what she believed to be an ordinary animal. After stepping out of the vehicle to investigate she claims that the large wolf-like creature stood on its hind legs and sprinted toward her. In a panic she jumped back into her car and hit the gas just as the beast jumped onto the trunk of her car. Unable to hold on, the beast slid off as she drove.

  1. Frogman (Loveland, Ohio): a humanoid frog.

Loveland Frogman

The Loveland Frogman has all of the traits of a frog but stands on two legs and stalks the banks of rivers in Loveland, Ohio. Said to have leathery skin, webbed hands, and feet, and a frog-like head, the first sighting came from two police officers who both recall the beast standing up and jumping over the guardrail like a human man, before disappearing into the night.


  1. Tuttle Bottoms Monster (Illinois): An ape-like anteater

The Tuttle Bottoms Monster in Illinois is an interesting cryptid to investigate. It’s said to inhabit the swamps of Illinois and has been described as an ape-like creature with a long snout, resembling an anteater. Not a lot is known about this cryptid, but there have been more than 50 reported sightings of the beast around Tuttle Bottoms. One man from the area claims that a member of the U.S. Department of Agriculture told him they were investigating the monster. Sightings have slowed, but there is definitely something lurking in Tuttle Bottom Illinois.

  1. The Green Clawed Beast (Indiana): Underwater creature

The Green Clawed Beast

The Green Clawed Beast from southern Indiana is a water dweller described as looking like the creature from the Black Lagoon. Did the Creature from the Black Lagoon inspire the Green Clawed Beast or did the Green Clawed Beast inspire the image of the Gillman for the Creature from the Black Lagoon? It’s reported that this underwater monster has only been ‘sighted’ once when a woman and her friend were swimming in the Ohio River. The woman was pulled under by an unseen, but strong grip that only released when her friend came to see what was wrong. The woman was pulled under once again before being released again. It’s said that after the incident, a man claiming to be from the Air Force came to their homes and told them to never speak of it again. Although it only has one sighting, the Green Clawed Beast still strikes fear in the hearts of those swimming in the Ohio River.

  1. The Hopkinsville Goblins (Kentucky): Man-like extraterrestrials

In 1955 in Hopkinsville Kentucky, a group of twelve people hurried into the police station to warn of an alien invasion. The group claimed they saw a flying saucer land near the home where they were staying. They said small, monkey-like men approached the home, trying relentlessly to gain entry. Large, bright eyes, pointed ears, and webbed hands were also reported traits. The group claimed to fight them off with gunfire, but the area where the scuffle was said to take place showed little more than a few spent bullets.

  1. Hodag (Wisconsin): A frog-faced elephant/dinosaur beast

The Wisconsin Hodag

The Hodag is one of the most fascinating cryptids in terms of appearance. With the head of a frog, the face of an elephant with thick, short legs, claws, the back of a dinosaur and huge fangs, this beast is widely known across Wisconsin. It’s unclear what exactly happened to the Hodag, but an 1890’s famed land surveyor Eugene Shepard rounded up a group of people to kill the beast, supposedly with dynamite. There are conflicting reports surrounding the Hodag, many saying the entire account was an elaborate report by Shepard. Either way, the Hodag has become a fixture in Rhinelander, Wisconsin.

  1. Pope Lick Monster (Kentucky): A part-man, part-goat, part-sheep

    The Pope Lick Monster

The Pope Lick Monster of Kentucky is part man, part goat, part sheep that reportedly lives under a railroad bridge over Pope Lick Creek. Reports of the Pope Lick Monster are terrifyingly sinister. Reports say coming into contact with this beast can induce mania and cause frightened people to jump off the bridge. Other say the monster uses hypnosis to lure people to the bridge. Sadly, there have been deaths associated with accidents at this very location.

Now that you have the basics, are you ready to go hunting? We’re traveling the world looking into the most well-known, unknown, strange, and dangerous cryptids. Hopefully, we’ll have an experience like some of the stories above. If you think you have what it takes to scour woods, rivers, and the wilderness to find what lies in hiding, join us for an upcoming event to seek out what so few are brave enough to acknowledge. In the meantime, be careful out there!