The Story of Beattie Mansion

The Story of Beattie Mansion

With a classic brick facade and an expansive front porch, the Beattie Mansion looks like any other Southern house. However, this historic home, built in 1854, is anything but ordinary. Sitting quietly for centuries, locals will tell you that the paranormal inhabitants of the mansion have only shown themselves clearly in the last 15 years. Workers and visitors to the home have witnessed opaque, shadowy figures walking the halls and heard distressed voices calling out from vacant corners. This eerie atmosphere, combined with the numerous apparitions seen here, sends chills through the body of each new visitor that passes through the front door.

Armstrong and Eliza Beattie created their dream home on this quiet street in St. Joseph, Missouri. They filled the home with thoughtful furnishings, elegant decorations, and with their love for life and community. Prominent and well-regarded figures in the town, the couple made their life in this mansion for over 20 years before Armstrong passed away suddenly, followed two years later by Eliza. In the century since the deaths of its original residents, the home was run by a charity and became a refuge for the homeless, mentally ill, addicted, and elderly. One widely accepted belief in the paranormal industry is that this sort of distressed atmosphere is what leads to hauntings. The energy of people in the throes of struggle, confusion, anguish, and sadness fosters an environment in which the spirits of the dead might just stick around. Perhaps angry, seeking revenge, or lonely, seeking company, one never knows what kind of force motivates the ghosts who occupy the world of the living.

Many believe that Eliza has remained as a guardian, keeping watch over the parts of the home that were most private to her life and her marriage. Visitors to the home recount feeling her presence there, defensive and guarded, vigilant in her oversight of the home she still views as her own. Perhaps Eliza felt some unfinished business in her life that compelled her to remain in the house, forever.

Other rooms in the home are rumored to be host to a child-like spirit that visitors recall alternately screaming with fear and laughing maniacally. Is this the spirit of a mentally ill child, abandoned in life as well as in death? The basement holds the more malicious spirit of a man who some visitors say has interacted with them. This entity is often said to tease, taunt, terrify, and even physically touch visitors from beyond the grave. What is this spirit trying to communicate? What might he be trying to do to the visitors he reaches out to? We may not want to know the answer.

The relatively recent discovery of haunting makes the Beattie Mansion unique in the sense that, unlike many well-known and historically haunted sites, the Beattie Mansion has a lot of undiscovered potential. This recent history leaves the possibility for each investigation of Beattie Mansion to reveal the presence of spirits, energies, and ghosts never before documented there. Now, the home is opening its doors and inviting participants inside to complete a comprehensive study of paranormal activity within the walls of Beattie Mansion. Paranormal Dares invites guests to join hosts Keith, Jess, and Erik for a late night investigation utilizing professional paranormal investigative equipment and time-tested ghost hunting methods. Stay up to date on scheduled investigations at the Beattie Mansion and receive access to the limited number of tickets available for these exclusive events by visiting Paranormal Dares.