The Irma Hotel Ghost Hunt Recap

Irma Hotel Photo for Paranormal Dare

The Irma Hotel Ghost Hunt Recap


Paranormal Dares was proud to partner with the Irma Hotel to host an investigation of their proud establishment. This event included a meet and greet, Q&A session, appetizers and late night snacks, a room for an overnight stay at the Irma Hotel, and breakfast the next morning. This is the first event where the Paranormal Dares team has hosted a breakfast, and it gave everyone a great opportunity to go into more depth about what they saw and what they enjoyed about the event. We even had a few guests who were staying at the hotel who joined our ghost hunt at the last minute.
All in all, our team had a blast! We will be sharing more details soon, but we wanted to thank all of our guests for making the event such a success, and thank the Irma Hotel for allowing us to come investigate their haunted halls!

Great Guides

Great guides. Knowledgeable and personable. I will attend another event by these professionals.

– Addey L.