Tragedy at Vaile Mansion

Tragedy at Vaile Mansion

Vaile Mansion is a home straight out of a fairy tale. It’s an extravagant building with a towering brick spire, ornately carved trim, and a seemingly endless number of rooms. From the outside, this impressive structure appears to be nothing more than a beautiful Victorian home, but as you cross the threshold to enter, something just doesn’t feel right… Visitors to the home report being greeted by a menacing energy, a sense of something watching, waiting, lurking in the shadows. This immense home opened its doors to paranormal investigations after many years of keeping such activity off-limits. Now, the Paranormal Dares team is taking advantage of this exciting change and offering you the opportunity to join them for an investigation of paranormal activity in the Vaile Mansion. The history of this famously beautiful building, the events that occurred within its walls, and the local lore telling of haunting and strange events make this a very promising location for an investigation.

Built in 1881, well over a century of existence has filled the walls of this mansion with love, laughter, drama, tragedy, and death. Originally home to Colonel Harvey Vaile and, his wife, Sofia Vaile, this 31-room maze of a home was clearly built with the utmost attention to detail, with a solidly laid plan for a long life and a large family. But this vision of a bright future quickly crumbled when Harvey was enveloped in scandal. Harvey left town to fight charges of fraud, leaving Sofia behind to endure the consequences of his tarnished reputation. Overcome with despair, Sofia died of a morphine overdose which was widely believed to be suicide. Some say that this tragic death engulfed the home in an ominous, dark energy. Visitors to the mansion recount tales of seeing a shadowy figure resembling Sofia wander the second floor of the home and stand solemnly in the room where she took her life.

After Sofia’s death, Harvey was devastated. He wandered the halls of his dream home lonely and heartbroken for the rest of his life, filling each room with an eerie energy that visitors still feel today. Harvey is rumored to have been so distraught that he buried Sofia in a coffin with a glass lid so that he could admire her even in death. His strange behavior extended to the walls of one room in the home where he had an artist paint faces over hundreds of knots in the wood panelling, faces that some visitors say they can still see. Harvey lived out his years in solitude, and, as he remained childless, the home was sold when he died. To this day, many visitors to the town are seen crossing to the opposite side of the street when they pass by Vaile Mansion… the aura surrounding the building seems to intimidate anyone and everyone, even those who may not believe the legends.

After the sale of Vaile Mansion following Harvey’s death, the building served as a psychiatric institution. Local legend tells of metal cages in the basement which housed particularly unruly patients. Staff at the institution performed lobotomies and other archaic treatments; abuse was said to be rampant. So many deaths occurred in the facility that the building contained a fully functional morgue. Some believe that the tortured souls of patients may still roam the winding corridors of Vaile Mansion, perhaps seeking some resolution for their unsettled lives.

Are the souls of the mentally ill truly haunting the halls of Vaile Mansion? Could Sofia’s spirit still linger in the world of the living? Does Harvey walk among us, still mourning the death of his beloved wife? If so, why are these spirits here and what might they want from us? From you? If you dare to find out, join the Paranormal Dares team for a night of investigating paranormal activity within the walls of Vaile Mansion. Work with professionals, Jess, Erik, and Keith, as they seek answers to this home’s infamous mysteries. Are you ready to walk room to room in Vaile Mansion knowing that you might see things you just can’t explain? Could you handle an encounter with Sofia or a spirit who knew the true meaning of suffering? If you think you’re ready for a chilling night you’ll never forget, reserve your space today by purchasing tickets. But hurry, because access to this special night is limited!