What Do I Do If I Think I Saw A UFO?

Night sky searching for UFOs

What Do I Do If I Think I Saw A UFO?

You’re standing outside on a clear, warm night and all of a sudden you see strange lights moving across the sky. Not in the typical pattern of an airplane or satellite, there just seems to be something strange about whatever is flying overhead. The thought flashes through your mind, maybe it’s a UFO. Before you let yourself brush it off as something more common, consider that maybe, just maybe you’re experiencing a UFO sighting. When you find yourself in this situation, follow these tips for documenting potential UFO sightings for yourself and to help the entire UFO enthusiast community search for answers to some of the world’s most perplexing mysteries.

Document Everything

First and foremost when observing UFOs is to document the event. Grab your phone and try to catch the object on video. If you’re by yourself, explain what you are seeing in real time with the video to make sure you don’t miss any details when trying to recount the event later. Photos are also helpful, these can be easily blown up or magnified later to hopefully give some context to the object flying through the sky. Keep this documentation handy and try to capture the sighting on a device that can easily upload the images to your computer.
Stay Calm
It can be understandably nerve-wracking when seeing an extraterrestrial craft, so it’s important to stay calm and document as much as you possibly can. The calmer you remain, the better you will be at recounting the event and sharing the information. If you encounter a crash site or material that could potentially be from a UFO or alien craft, stay calm, document the location, and notify professionals who can assess the site. Do not attempt to approach a craft or debris. These have been known to cause harm and it’s best to leave items alone.

Talk To Others

When you notice something strange in the sky alone, contact a neighbor and ask them to take a look with you. With multiple witnesses, you can rest assured you are seeing something out of the ordinary and now have a person to corroborate what you saw. If there are people already outdoors with you, ask to collect statements with signatures of what you saw. You can also ask for their documentation to add more to the case file. Like this case from Melbourne, it’s harder to ignore a sighting when multiple people have the same experience, although little has yet been done in this case either.

Preserve the Information

Memory is delicate and when in a stressful or exciting situation, our minds tend to warp the events or change key information when looking back. The best thing you can do is document as much as possible as clearly as possible. Record things like time, date, location, weather conditions, the location of the object in the sky, noise, and any physical attributes of the craft you can discern. It is one thing to record the information, but it is just as important to preserve this data and keep it in a safe place. Package any video, audio, and notes together in a file to provide to organizations that compile these sightings. Unfortunately, major governmental departments will not take this information with more than a grain of salt, but there are organizations dedicated to documenting sightings around the world.

Notify Organizations

In a recent article by Player.one, one person recounted her experience seeing a UFO and the channels she went through to notify the correct agencies. What she found, however, was that no one was willing to listen.

“The Department of Transportation (DOT) pointed us to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which pointed us toward the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) which transferred us to a terrorist tip line with this foreboding warning: “ any false information can subject the sender to fine, imprisonment, or both under Title 18, U.S. Code, Section 1001.”

Your best bets are the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) or Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). These organizations will take the information you provide and catalog them in their database. You can also use these websites to track other sightings and check for patterns in sightings.

Many people have seen strange objects or what could be a UFO without documenting anything. If you are interested in UFOlogy, be sure to do your part and contribute to the community of those seeking the truth and more information about these sightings. We investigate sites known for sightings and actively search for answers behind what the government doesn’t seem to want to address. Looking to search for signs of extraterrestrials yourself? Keep an eye on our website for upcoming investigations and events. In the meantime, keep a sharp eye on the sky and be sure to document what you see!