Where Did the Annabelle Doll Come From?

Conjuring Annabelle doll

Where Did the Annabelle Doll Come From?

If you’ve seen the Conjuring movies, you’re probably familiar with the story of the Annabelle doll. Although often portrayed in movies, this doll is anything but fiction. The doll was first discovered when Ed and Lorraine Warren were called to investigate a doll that was reportedly moving on its own, leaving threatening letters, and interacting negatively with a man in the home. Upon retrieving the doll, the Warrens’ found an evil spirit within the doll that has now become an icon of the Warrens’ work.

The New England Society for Psychic Research

Ed and Lorraine Warren started their careers in the North East, traveling around cities investigating reported haunting and demonic possession. In 1952, the Warrens founded the New England Society for Psychic Research. They conducted many private investigations into paranormal activity. One of their most popular cases was the Annabelle doll. According to the Warrens’, two roommates claimed their Raggedy Ann doll was possessed by the spirit of a young girl killed in a car accident.

Donna, Angie, and Annabelle

The story begins with a nursing student preparing to graduate from college named Donna. Donna was at the time living in a small apartment with her roommate Angie. As Donna’s birthday approached, her mother went out and purchased a Raggedy Ann Doll as a present for her daughter. After the celebrations, Donna placed the doll on her bed and kept it there as decoration and a reminder of her mother. Within a few days of having the doll in the apartment, Donna and Angie started noticing strange things. The doll seemed to move around the house when no one was home.

At first, small movements, but as time went on, the doll would move to different rooms and positions. Things only got more mysterious as the girls continued to ignore the doll and simply move it back. The doll would write on parchment paper messages like “Help Us” and “Help Lou”. These messages weren’t just random scribbling. The name Lou is significant to the story. Donna and Angie had a close friend named Lou who spent a fair amount of time in the apartment. As the doll continued to display strange behavior, the three noticed red, wet substances on her hands, and Lou experienced a strange incident with deep claw marks scratched into his chest.

Possession and Exorcism

The Warrens were called to help investigate the doll. Immediately, Ed and Lorraine found a demonic spirit had possessed the doll. It was in the infestation period and was able to teleport to get the attention of the occupants of the apartment. When the girls invited in a medium, the demon told the story through the medium of a young harmless girl, just looking for a place for her spirit to reside. This, however, only gave the girls the peace of mind to invite the spirit into their home.

At the conclusion of their investigation, Ed and Lorraine decided the best course of action would be to exorcize the doll and remove the spirit from the apartment. Father Cooke, although uncomfortable with the exorcism, performed the ritual and the Warren’s agreed to take the doll with them to ensure no one would fall victim to the doll again. After the Warren’s arrived home, there were multiple times where the doll levitated. The Warrens could feel the intense hatred from the doll and decided safety precautions should be taken with the doll. The special case was built for the doll and it remained in the Warren’s occult museum.

Annabelle Today

Today, the Annabelle doll remains in her case to keep people safe from the possession of the evil spirit. The doll still remains with the Warren family, and on rare occasions, the doll is brought to events, in the case, for people to see and hear the history of the doll and the Warrens. Today, Tony Spera, son-in-law to Ed and Lorraine, has care of the doll and shares his experience of working with Ed and Lorraine at the New England Society for Psychic Research for 30 years.

This January, Annabelle will be coming to New Hampshire to join Para Con for a night of paranormal events and conversation. The Annabelle doll will be on display and Tony Spera will share his knowledge and experiences with attendees. This will be a one of a kind event and we can’t wait to see you there. Now that you know the history of the Annabelle doll. Are you brave enough to see her in person?